Private Investigation

Panoptes offers a number of private investigation services to both corporate and private clients. We use highly experienced former Police Detectives to offer investigative and analytical services; tailored specifically to our clients’ needs.

Our services include:

Legal Defence Work
We work closely with large law firms to assist them in the preparation of their client’s Defence strategy by reviewing evidence and case files from a law enforcement perspective. Our private investigation team, consisting of former Senior Investigating Officers (SIOs) who have specialised in covert operations and serious and organised crime, have proved to be an invaluable asset to Defence teams as our experts understand how the police collate and present evidence, exploiting any procedural irregularities. We also provide analytical support to Defence teams should they have to review telephone data, phone attribution and sequence of events charts.
Witness Statements
We use experienced investigators to interview key witnesses to ensure that the pertinent questions are asked and that the answers are recorded in an accurate manner. By taking professional statements we ensure that the client obtains the relevant evidence in a clear and structured format.
We utilise trained intelligence operatives to gather intelligence on behalf of our clients and present our findings in a comprehensive report. Previous clients have asked if we can prove association between two parties to counter fraudulent claims.
Document Signing
We have a large national network of reliable former Detectives who can handle sensitive legal documents on behalf of clients who require a professional document signing, checking and submission service.
Trace and Locate Services
We are able to provide a legal and ethical tracing service for clients who wish to locate specified individuals. Clients have used such services to locate tenants who have fled without paying rent and businesses have requested that we track non-paying customers who have already been supplied with goods and services.