About Us
In Ancient Greek mythology, Argus Panoptes was employed as a watchman, entrusted to protect Hera, the wife of Zeus. A giant with one hundred eyes, Panoptes was effective in this role as he could constantly watch over and protect the Greek goddess. Even in rest, Panoptes, with his ‘all-seeing eye’, was able to keep a number of eyes open to ensure that his watch was never interrupted.
Our Brand
The ability to see more than others enabled Panoptes to excel in his role as protector. At Panoptes Investigation Limited, we want to emulate this by making the ‘all-seeing eye’ our brand identity, to act as a constant reminder that we should always use the power of sight to watch over and protect those who require our assistance.
To develop a national network of highly experienced ‘eyes’ who can anticipate, manage and mitigate risks on behalf of individual and corporate clients who wish to protect themselves and their brand identity from potential harm.
To provide a highly specialised ‘all-seeing’ private investigation and risk management service, specialising in Legal Defence work, counter-eavesdropping and protective services, to clients who entrust us with their safety and corporate reputation.
Who we are
Panoptes Investigation Limited is the brainchild of a former Police Detective who wanted to use his vast experience and network of contacts to assist and protect others. As a result of a long and decorated career specialising in covert policing and surveillance and Serious and Organised crime, Panoptes has access to a large network of former high ranking Senior Investigating Officers (SIOs) and Royal Marines who can be deployed nationally to assist and support our clients. Due to the covert nature of our work, we seek to protect the identities of our operatives, as we are more effective when people do not know we are watching.
Who we work for
Panoptes provides services to both individual and corporate clients, including VIPs, dignitaries, legal firms and large corporations, who trust us to protect them, their families, their properties and their businesses from harm. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we understand the need for discretion so client confidentiality is paramount. We build strong working relationships with our clients to ensure that or solutions are tailored to their specific demands and needs.
Client Testimony
The following statements are from our clients who wish to be named.
Hogan Brown Solicitors
Panoptes is proud to offer its private investigation services to Hogan Brown Solicitors, who are a large legal firm specialising in criminal Defence work. For more details about this company please visit: Hogan Brown
McKays Solicitors

Panoptes is pleased to provide private investigation and surveillance services to McKays, to assist them with their civil litigation work. For more details about this company please visit: McKay's Solicitors

Panoptes is proud to use Akona Training as their preferred training provider for close protection and surveillance courses as well as private investigation licencing. For more details about this company please visit: Akona
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