Panoptes understands the value of information and the importance of ensuring that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Our trained operatives are able to conduct a technical security inspection of properties, such as offices and boardrooms, to ensure that eavesdropping devices are not compromising such areas. Panoptes has invested in the latest technology to conduct a physical and electronic environmental sweep of the area, and such services can be used on an on-going basis or for specific times of vulnerability. All of our services can be tailored specifically to our clients’ needs.

We also offer the following services:

Security threat assessment
We are able to conduct detailed risk and threat assessments for our clients to identify areas of concern and provide recommendations as to the preventative measures required.
Countermeasure services
We are able to deploy the latest countermeasure equipment as well as providing a physical presence at times of vulnerability. Our trained operatives can be deployed on short or long-term deployments.
Penetration Testing
We conduct penetration testing on behalf of businesses to check for unauthorised devices. Our experts will ensure that your business is not vulnerable to cyber threats to ensure that your data remains secure.